CV: Mikkel Mikjær Christensen

Executive Summary

Born 17th of May 1983, professional IT Consultant since 2003. Ap Degree in Marketing and mangement, Bachelors Degree in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, self taugh Unix Wizard and software developper. Full stack developper, project manager, counseling, auditing and generel consultant.

I am currently situated in Herning, Denmark, but i am very flexible and offer both onsite and remote freelance services, and i frequently visit Copenhagen and on request i can make myself available in most of Nothern Europe.

Work Experience

ParkOnline IvS is a new parking company in copenhagen, i built a system to help their customers create temporary parking permits for their guests, and at the same time let parking-officiers check the number-plates of parked cars for active parking permits.

Technologies: Linux, PHP, MySQL, MySQL Profiler
Planway Aps is a software company who provides online booking software, i helped designing a backup solution that would enable the company to perform backups every 10th minute all around the day, in order to keep data-loos at a minimum in case of total system failure.

Technologies: BackupPC, Rsync, MySQL, MySQL Profiler
2018 - 2019
MajaMarketing ApS is a small local marketing company, who creates websites and other kinds of online marketing for it's clients, i function as the technical assistant for the company and assist with technical challenges that they cannot handle themself. Mostly regarding hosting, security and WordPress.

Technologies: Linux, Wordpress and PHP.
2014 - 2019
Wiosoft ApS is a danish company providing software for rental companies worldwide, I have been in charge of deploying a load-balancer and implementing backup on the servers of the company.
I have also been developping different integrations and API oolutions during the last year, among others I designed and implemented their entire client API.

Projects i did for Wiosoft:
  • Load Balancer
  • Client Rest API
  • Letsencrypt Integration
  • TrippleTex / Billy Integration
  • WooCommerce Wordpress Plugin
Technologies: Linux, Ansible, HAProxy, Nginx, Backuppc, Rsync, SSH, Wordpress, REST.
InterGastro A/S is a company selling industrial kitchenware to restaurants and cafes across the country, i did all the technical configuration of an approved-customers-only webshop, which made sure that the resturant-rep could only order spareparts that fits their current equipment.

Technologies: Linux, Wordpress, MySQL, MySQL Profiler
Pon IT Coorporation is a Dutch collection of companies within lots of different industries, for this company i help service one of the MySQL servers in their main organisation who have had som performance problems.

Technologies: Linux, MySQL, MySQL Profiler
LincoFood A/S / Baarder Group A/S is a danish company who produces equipment and software for poultry processing plants, they have developped a large training platform using Wordpress as one of its main components.

I've helped designing and maintaining their hosting environment and to optimize and secure the platform itself.

Technologies: Linux, Rsync, Wordpress, MySQL, MySQL Profiler
2017 - 2018
DLX A/S is a danish hosting company for which I have been doing hosting automation, dnssec support for their dns servers and other assignments alike.

Technologies: Bind, PHP, FreeBSD, MySQL
2016 / CM Consult A/S as an external consultant I helped optimizing their hosting-platform, and I provided valuable advise regarding a soon to come upgrade of their entire code-base and hosting platform.
Technologies: Linux, HAProxy, Pound Load Balancer, NFS Kernel oerver, Citrix Xenoerver, SSH Tunneling, Apache2, Drupal, Mysql.
Mikjaer Consulting, my own company where we have had several large assignments:
Mermaid A/S, a company doing digital signage for the comute industry, this includes embeded Linux, GPS, GSM Technology, Hardware, Assembly, C# PHP Development.

My primary task was developing a realtime positioning system for one of the companys bigger client, Movia A/o, which is the primary provider of public transportation in the Capital area.

Mc Donalds Denmark, as an external consultant with McDonalds Denmark I was the lead developer behind their new Country-Wide intranet, used for training, human resourced and quality control.

The solution was developed as a Linux, PHP and MyoQL oolution on top of Wordpress with a lot of custom code and third party plugins to ft our purpose. The solution received great feedback from upper-local management.

Dansk Retail Services sells software solutions for the retail industry, I have been hired as a consultant to assist in the process of securing and auditing one of their applications using Windows .NET Framework.

Auditive Network / SoundSource develops in-shop sound and video solutions, their nation-wide music-distribution system have been hosted by my company for years now, and we have just now been hired to assist with securing the system and prepare the system for large scale deployment, using Linux, Apache, Mysql, Memcache.
NovoZymes A/S, as an external consultant I was appointed to reverse engineer a database and statistics system. The data contained several 100 gigabytes of research results, that had been gathered over the past 10 years. My job was to document the systems, since knowledge of the system had been lost over time, and to upgrade it to modern standards. The system was build with classic PHP4 and MyoQL.

DanaWeb A/S, the largest web bureau in Denmark, i was hired as an advisor on building their new Wordpress mass-hosting-cluster setup.

KK Electronics, i was hired as a consultant to develop and implement monitoring and alerting on the companies worldwide IT Infrastructure on a lot of different devices ranging from printers and routers to windmills and international fber-connections. The implemented solution facilitated Linux, Debian, Ubuntu, Nagios, PHP, Python, Visual Basic, Gnokii, MsoQL, Excel, Windows Active Directory,VMWare and redundant Hardware oMo modems.

CityWify, i had the responsibility for building the network of this danish Internet oervice Provider who provides wif connectivity in exchange for permission to show advertisements on the users device.

I worked with both routing, network infrastructure, add injections, logging, captive web portal and deployment routines. We used technologies such as oquid, Varnish, IoC Dhcp, PHP5 and Python.
Cypax, oearch Engine Optimization, Hosting consulting and in general optimizing and trimming a lot of IT oystems for this danish company who's primary business is import and sales of electronics supplies.

Base1 is the largest Real Estate company in Copenhagen, we changed the backend from a custom made AoP Classic solution with an access database to a PHP, MyoQL and Wordpress based backend, combined with a custom made PHP system for receiving estate postings and displaying them, the system had several different integrations danish realtor systems.
IKEA, Pandora Jewelry and Carlsberg we hosted several Facebook application for these companies, the demands from Facebook at the time where so high that we had to set up a special high-performance server with SSL and full-uptime monitoring.

Clio Online ApS for Clio we made a geo-redundant hosting-cluster to handle the daily load from 100.000 concurrent users from all danish ground schools all across the country.

We used the following for the cluster:
  • Round Robin DNS
  • Several physical servers.
  • 2 independent data centers (DIX Lyngby, InterXion Ballerup)
  • Redundant fber-based network
  • oeveral redundant 1000mbit/s connections.
  • Galera MyoQL Cluster
  • GlusterFo redundant network flesystem
  • Ganglia Cluster Monitor in combination with Munin og Nagios.
We outperformed the earlier platform with a factor 5, despite of fever server and cheaper monthly fees, and the former supplyer was one of the largest danish Typo3 consulting companies.

City Call Center drift and Booking we made a booking portal which performs the booking process for their shared meeting room in the shared ofce space, besides from that we had the responsibility for the oMo oerver which their call-center used to inform clients of meetings. We used Wordpress, PHP, Linux and MyoQL.
We made several small and large solutions for a lot of different companies this year.
  • Pædagogernes Fagforening, workers union.
  • Nortlander okirejser Apo, travel agency
  • Musiker, Kristian Lilholt, Danish musician
  • Radioskive Apo, Danish radio station
  • Signatur Apo, Web bureau
  • Safegear Apo, Web shop
  • Saxo Bank
  • Herning Kommune,Danish municipality
  • Deducta Online Marketing bureau, SEO Company
  • Togi Data Apo, Web bureau
  • Secpoint Apo, oecurity company
  • RH Arkitekter A/o, Architect Company
  • Device Webbureau, Web bureau
  • Device Webbureau, Web bureau
  •, Dating site
  • Aros Kurser Aps,
  • Magentohotel Apo, Hosting Company
  • Powerhosting Apo, Hosting Company
  • Boysen Media I/S, Web bureau
  • Exaweb Apo, Hosting Company
  • Cygnet Specialister i E-Handel, Webbureau
  • Proff Solutions, Hosting Company
  • Verinet ApS, Hosting Company
  • Relationgroup ApS, Web bureau
  • Whitepixel ApS, Graphical Bureau
For Internexium ApS we produced a social media which was sold to the American Defense Agency, which was deployed in Afghanistan and is today operational. The platform uses both SMS and Web to help users communicate.
System administrator with the local Internet Service Provider ComX which was the first danish ISP to provide fiber-to-home. My assignments where monitoring and error handling on Routers, Switches, Asterix, voip, iptv and annalog television.
Papeer International Aps, as Lead Developer with Papeer i worked primarily with the company database solution that at the time had 50 Gigabytes of data, and over the year it grew to about 100 Gigabytes.
Besides of that i had the responsibility of the Ukrainian department of developers which we hired to support our danish department.
Primary responsibility was sourounded by PHP Development and Linux Administration.
SpecialHosting Aps: We had a number of large hosting customers and 4 employees we where delivering high performance solution for companies like: TV2 A/S, Easyflm Aps, TV3 A/S, MobileMarketing ApS, Radio Skive ApS, some unnamed banks and several different banks, Web bureaus, web shops and similar smaller websites and companies.
MC Solutions: In the end of 2004 i founded my frst company, where we specialized in PHP Development and hosting. We had no money so the business had to grow organically. When the company peaked we had 6 employees and a number of interns.

Surftown A/S, we made the web-part of an online backup service. Payment, recurrent billing, globalization, languages, vat and taxes and integration with backend-systems and the actual backup service.
  • – Travel agency
  • – european oociety for Paediatric Oncology
  • Tv3 – Danish Television, we made an online game for the populair reality showParadise hotel
  • Thisted Andelskasse, Bank
  • Folkesparekassen, Bank
  • IFKA, Analysis Institut
  •, Marketing Company
  •, Hosting Company
  •, Webshop selling fsh online
  • Budosport, Webshop selling martialarts supplys
We used several technologies among else Linux, FreeBoD, VMWare, Nagios, BackupPC, PHP, MyoQL, Apache, Bind mf.
MetaSecurity Aps: Together with my former employer we started the company Metasecurity Aps, I took care of several customers and our hosting environment. I exited the company because my partner failed to deliver the promised sales. We mostly had customers such as a local travel agencies, local restaurants and a couple of offshore customers such as a Croatian hosting company.
Telia A/S og ApSn: Together with my former employer we started the company Metasecurity Aps, I took care of several customers and our hosting environment. I exited the company because my partner failed to deliver the promised sales. We mostly had customers such as a local travel agencies, local restaurants and a couple of offshore customers such as a Croatian hosting company.
Freelance Work for different companies. Internet forums, small businesses and different hosting companies.

Education and Cours

Bachelors degree in Innovation and Management.
Diploma on Management and Managing coworkers module 2.
Diploma on Management and Managing coworkers module 1.
Course at danish domain registrar DK-Hostmaster on handling E-Mail spam I.E. DKIM/Dmarc.
Course at danish domain registrar DK-Hostmaster on secure DNS (DNSSEC)
Diploma on Management and the professional leadership module 2.
Diploma on Management and the professional leadership module 1.
Junior Chamber International trainer course.
Junior Chamber International presenter course.
Junior Chamber International opeech-Competition Judge-seminar.
Sales training with Ladegaard A/S Sales.
Drivers License for motorcycles.
Academy Programme Degree in Marketing and Management 2. and fnal year with ”Modern IT Management” as subject for graduation paper. Business Academy Viborg.
Academy Prorgamme Degree in Marketing and Management 1. year with ”E-Business” ad subject for graduation paper, with the grade ”11” (A, EU ocale). University College Horsens.
Drivers License.
Studies Computer science course at the Danish Institute for Computer science in Copenhagen University, i only completed halv a year of education before i dropped out in favour of professional work.
HF studenter eksamen (High school) with a 9.1 GPA (C, EU scale) my larger written assignment in Computer science on the subject ”Buffer Overflows” where i worked with FreeBSD Gcc, Gdb, Ddd and general i86 assembly was completed with the grade 13. (A, EU scale)


I live in the city of Herning, in central Denmark/Jutland I like nature, photography and music, both as a listener and as a performer. I am also very passionate about entrepreneur ship, I love to se things appear out of seemingly nothing and watch them grow while either being the main power behind driving this growths or be part of this.

Competences and skills

Competence / Skill Knowledgeable Very skilled Expert
General Kompetences
IT Security     X
Projectmanagement     X
Needs Analysis / Preliminary Analysis     X
Network- and oystemadministration     X
Monitoring and Operational security     X
Systemdevelopment and design     X
Linux     X
OS X     X
FreeBSD   X  
Windows   X  
OpenBSD   X  
PFSense   X  
Security / Auditing / Pentest
Code review   X  
NMAP     X
Metasploit   X  
Fuzzing     X
SQL Injection     X
Buffer overflows     X
Wireshark / Tcpdump   X  
Iperf     X
Snort X    
Nikto     X
OpenVS X    
Ettercap     X
OpenVPN     X
SSH     X
Iptables     X
System management / Operation / Devops
BackupPC     X
Nagios     X
Ganglia   X  
Munin   X  
MRTH     X
Ansible     X
MySQL     X
MySQL Slave Backup     X
MySQL Galera Clustering     X
MySQL Debugging Optimization     X
Bind     X
GlusterFS     X
Csync / Rsync / Syncthing     X
Apache     X
Nginx     X
Linux KVM / Virsh     X
VMWare   X  
XenServer   X  
ProxMox VE   X  
Smokeping   X  
Ipperf   X  
Programming Languages
Bash   X  
Perl   X  
PHP     X
Java   X  
Delphi X    
Pascal   X  
C / C++ X    
Python     X
GIT / SVN / CVS     X